Nov 21, 2012

20121111 Victory Cup - soccer

<<빅토리컵 축구대회>>
<<Victory Cup - soccer>>

비가 오는 어두운 날
One dark rainy day…

스타즈는 새벽 6시에 사당에서 집합했다.
The Stars gathered together at the Sadang station.

비몽사몽한 얼굴들이었지만 가슴은 콩닥콩닥!
The faces were all half-awake, but our hearts were pounding because of the excitement!

그렇게 버스에 오른 우리 스타즈! 얼굴에는 빛이 난다^^
Everyone got on the bus, and our faces were all shining^^

3시간에 걸려 도착한 곳은 강원도 원주!
It took 3 hours to get to the place, Kang-won-do Wonju!

비록 비가 왔지만 많은 사람들이 함께 응원하러 왔다.
It was raining all day, but a lot of people came to cheer for the Victory Cup.

추운 날씨임에도 불구하고 야외로 응원을 나와 한껏 들뜬 우리 스타즈!
It was a freezing day but the Stars members were all so excited to cheer at Wonju!

신나서 사진 찍기에 바빴다 ㅎ_
We were all busy to take photos lol.

하지만 그 와중에도 연습은 잊지 않는 멋진 모습들!!! 
Of course we didn’t forget about practicing our routines!!

Good job J

열정적으로 응원하는 모습이 멋져 많은 분들이 인터뷰 요청을 했다.
We cheered so passionately that many people came to interview us.

빅토리컵을 빛낸 우리 스타즈!
The Stars brought the energy to the Victory Cup! 

이름 값 한번 잘했다^^ 
Like our name, we shined that day^^

만남 축구팀 챔피언스도 큰 힘이 되었다고 한다.
Mannam’s soccer team “the Champions” also said that they got the strong energy from the Stars and they want us to cheer for all the games they have from now on.

앞으로도 이대로만 함께 하자 화이팅!
Let’s work harder together and just be like this forever fighting!